Hiring a wedding bartender and purchasing your own liquor is a great way to stretch those wedding dollars. Many venues require you to purchase their alcohol which can add up to thousands of dollars for an open bar and become one of your greatest expenses. Give you and your guests more for less by finding a venue that allows you to provide your own alcohol and hire a bartender. 


A bartending service will not only save you money, it will also allow you to get creative and add your own special touches to your reception. Designer drinks that go with your wedding theme or colors are a great way to add those finishing touches that really wow your guests. 

Tips for your wedding bar


  • Choose a venue that will allow you to bring your own alcohol
  • Hire a bartending service, there is a difference between hiring someone to pour your drinks, and hiring someone who will take the time to construct a personal experience and craft your drinks. 
  • Make sure your bartenders are TABC certified to ensure the safety of you and your guests
  • Wine and Beer vs. a Full Bar- if paying for a full bar seems daunting go the alternative route and let us design a couple custom cocktails to accompany your wine and beer. You will still please the cocktail drinkers, but will only have the expenses of a couple kinds of liquors saving you money.  

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